Sa Comuna

GRADE 4 - 800 metres ascent, 800 metres descent. Approx 4 hours
15 miles (25 kilometres) - 90% off-road 10% road
Sa Comuna ascent and descent

Welcome to Sa Comuna in Bunyola, a comunal park area, ideal for mountain biking. We'll take our van to Bunyola, about 15 minutes drive from Soller, where we set off on a long, but technically undemanding ascent, deep into the pine forest. On a clear day, the Bay of Palma is easily visible. Once in the park we take the trail to the top - the Penyal d'Honor - over 800 metres above sea level. From here it's a long and in some places tough descent back to the village of Bunyola, passing through an area rich in lime kilns, charcoal burning sites and even a cave dwelling. There is nowhere to stop for refreshments on this excursion, so bring enough water and snacks with you. Cost without bike rental:
35€ per person
Price includes return transport to and from Soller or Puerto Soller

Sa Comuna mountain bike trail