Balitx Valley

GRADE 2 - 300 metres ascent, 750 metres descent - 12 miles (19 kms)
Approx 2½ hours
GRADE 3 - 750 metres ascent, 750 metres descent - 16 miles (26 kms)
Approx 4 hours
95% off-road 5% road
Balitx mountain bike tour

For the Grade 2 excursion you and your bike are transported 400 metres above sea level to the viewpoint that overlooks Puerto Soller.
For the Grade 3 trip you ride up by bike via four wheel drive tracks that snake through picturesque, private olive plots above Soller.
Once at the Mirador, we begin our descent into the tranquil Balitx valley, lined with stone terraces of ancient olive trees.
We wind our way down a dirt track, to the foot of the valley and the old farmhouse Balitx d'Avall, now a working farmstead (agroturismo).
Here, we stop for a freshly squeezed orange juice, before starting our journey home via the Cami Vell - the old Balitx road back to Soller.
Cost without bike rental:
28€ per person
32€ per person with transportation
Both prices include an orange juice in Balitx d'Avall.

Balitx mountain bike trail