Frame Size Information

Fitting a bike to a rider is an important process that directly affects the ride quality and comfort of a bike. Each manufacturer sizes their bike frames differently and the following is a guideline based on height. The only way to be 100% certain is to have a bike fit. This is because each person's physical dimensions and attributes (arm, torso, or femur length, flexibility, skill level, etc.) are slightly different, which can lead to different frame size requirements even for people of the same height. If you're between sizes, it's generally best to go with the smaller size. It's easier to make a smaller frame fit a little larger than vice versa.

For Women

Many women find the Trek WSD (Women's Specific Design) models fit them better from the start. WSD considers your bike as a complete system, from frame geometry to gearing, WSD saddles, different handlebar widths and brake reach. Each person is unique, so even though most women do find WSD models fit them better, it doesn't mean that you can't ride and be completely comfortable on a non-WSD specific model.

Road Bikes (Madone, Emonda, Silque and Domane)

Height (cms)Frame Size (cms)
150-160 47

Mountain Bikes (X-Caliber, Superfly, Remedy, Fuel, Powerfly)

Height (cms)Frame Size (inches)
182-190 19.5

Trekking Bikes (Zektor and Zektor Stagger)

Height (cms)Frame Size (cms)
162-172 53
170-185 56
184-202 61

Kids (MT60 20", Superfly 24")

A proper fitting is especially important with kids' bikes. Again, height may provide a starting point, but the right size will depend not only on a child's specific measurements, but also on skill level. A skilled young rider may be more comfortable on a larger bike than a child of the same height who has just learned to ride.

Height (cms)Wheel Size (inches)

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