If you prefer to cycle on the flat in the centre of Mallorca, we offer a bike transport service to the Bunyola side of the Soller-Palma tunnel.

Other Routes

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High Mountain Passes

Distance: 98.14 km (60.98 miles)
Maximum Height: 871 metres (2860 feet)
Altitude Gain: 1900 metres (6234 feet)

Graph showing ascent and descent At just under 100 kilometres this circular route has a total of 4 mountain passes to overcome, the highest and last of which is none other than the tunnel of the Puig Mayor.
Cycling team in Mallorca At 871 metres it is the highest mountain pass on the island, without taking into account the very seldom used route up to the Alfabia ridge and the military road up to the top of the Puig Mayor itself, both of which have very limited access.

What to see and do:
Admire the views as you cycle through the Orient valley, a little used (by cars anyway) route.
Take a short detour and visit Lluc Monastery
Finish the ride with an 18 kilometre descent!!

Mountain passes:
Coll de Soller 499 metres (1st climb out of Soller):
Length: 7.9 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 435 metres
Average Gradient: 5.5%

Cycling in Mallorca Coll d'Honor 558 metres (starting from Bunyola square):
Length: 6.1 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 346 metres
Average Gradient: 5.7%

Coll de sa Batalla (starting from Caimari):
Length: 8.4 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 413 metres
Average Gradient: 4.9%

Puig Mayor Tunnel (starting from the Gorg Blau reservoir):
Length: 4.8 Kilometres
Altitude Gain: 243 metres
Average Gradient: 5.1% (beware the 1st km is 8%!)